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Is Safe Centrality ?

Created with CENNZ network and CENNZ software tools, Centrality is a Blockchain platform based in New Zealand. It has offices around the world.

What is CENNZ?

Centrality has built a platform to provide basic services. Thus, it aims to create a fair and equal world for users.

The Centrality platform is preferred because users are given the opportunity to control and control their data themselves. Centrality data was collected in 4 different companies. According to centrality logic, small companies should be preferred to work together. This will bring more success.

Property of Centrality

Centrality is the product of an entrepreneurial team that has gained great experience in both technology and payment transactions. The project technical team has numerous partners and investors managing billion-dollar projects such as Alibaba, Baidu and Google.  This team also consists of blockchain companies with world-famous technology.

It also has partnerships with many corporate companies in sectors such as world-famous banks, Facebook, logistics, shipping and insurance sectors, airlines, advertising and media.

What is CENNZ Coin?

CENNZ tokens have been mined. In this way, there are a certain number of people on the market and you need to use the purchase method to own CENNZ Coin,  which is centrality crypto currency. A limited number of productions prevent it from being deniable.

Centrality offers many smart contracts for its users. These smart contracts can be improved according to the terms of the day. Centrality smart contracts are also open to the public. Centrality smart contracts always aim to ensure that users and investors are on the best terms.  The company’s activities are also targeted at this.

70% of CENNZ coins have been released to the market and 5% of the remaining portion are used as reserves. 25% also use Centrality to purchase intellectual property rights. That’s  why it was launched for use on the Centrality platform. If we ask Centrality Is Reliable? Due to the strong team behind it, it has an advantageous structure.


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